This blog is dedicated to Creatures- a series of artificial life games for PC. What sets this series apart from other virtual life games, is the fact that the creatures you raise are complete with their very own brains made up of neural networks and different lobes that perform different functions - very much  like our own. Furthermore, each creature has a unique digital DNA which consists of genetic make up that can be passed down from one generation to another. Guide your creatures through development, teaching them how to speak, how to interact with the environment and help shape  various other behaviours. Once adulthood is reached, breed them with others to create unique off-spring. The games also features the ability to tinker with genetics, brain functioning and biochemistry - see what makes them tick or alter their components to make them one of a kind. A large community has been developed around these games that features endless third party add on content, forums and even annual festivals.

This blog was created to house my own in-game experiences, experiments and artwork for third party add-on content. A links and resources section has been added for reference purposes which I hope others will find of use. Thank you for your interest!

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