Thursday, January 10, 2013

The start of something

I've made some updates finally - it's nothing huge but it's something. I've added more to the websites list and I've added an "About" page for those who may stumble into this blog not knowing what in the world I'm on about because they have not played Creatures yet. I've also started reading up on the norn brain so I'll be posting an intro in the experiments section. Next, I'll be adding more details to these notes and start looking at how C3 brains differ. Hope I'll be getting more done as I am pretty busy! Oh and feel free to use my notes to refresh your memory or as quick references, the more use my notes are, the better.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catching up on Survivor: Arctic

Seeing that the game started before I came back from my holiday, I missed out on the first week and thus I decided to do some quick catching up. Luckily I read fast! It's quite a bit to go through with all those contestants, though some did not post much at all and have been voted off/are being voted off because of this. It's a pity really, perhaps they're unexpectantly busy or are losing inspiration - I hope it's not the second one, the idea just makes me feel bad! Anyway, I really love how everyone's entries link up with one another's which makes it much more entertaining. Due to the fact that this is the first time I'm observing a game, I'm not sure if the linkage is traditional, either way, it's being done quite well. I also love the extra little scribbles and photos so I'm hoping to see more of that. Lastly, the message in the bottle installments offer an interesting third perspective and the indirect and occasional involvement adds extra flavour to the game.
*waves hand* This do I speak with it??

At the moment I find the Bearthing-Panda-mist duo quite amusing. Laura's writing is also quite amazing which isn't surprising and her encounter with Fly and c1anddsaddict was also just hilarious. I wonder how Laura will get her ear back on?? Mea is quite an interesting character too. As for lisha and Hawk, they better get a move on before it's too late! Good luck to all contestants, keep it up!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Populating Chione

Finally I stumbled across a few other cold resistant norns so I decided to put them to the test to see how well they adapt to Chione in terms of the temperature, finding food sources and travelling, especially because it's such a huge room. I don't know if it's the way I do things, but my norns usually just end up sitting around in big rooms so I was hoping it wouldn't happen here - I tried to scatter different food sources and toys to avoid this. My teaching approach would be minimal interference - just teach the basics and give a bit encouragement if really needed.

First, I decided to hatch a little Astro norn, which the autonamer named 'Arnhard'. Odd name. He immediately started pushing some toys and began exploring the room - so far so good, no shivering or any sign of coldness.

 "You want me to push what??". I don't know what it is with norns and elevators, but Arnhard looks almost frightened by my suggestion to push it. He still hadn't learned many words so I just kept clicking on the elevator.

Turns out it's not such a scary piece of machinery afterall, and off he goes to the top level. Uh oh, is that shivering that I hear? Perhaps the frost bringer wasn't such a good idea. He settles down as the snowflakes melt away so it's not a big problem after all. He does pretty well, wandering through the levels with little encouragement.

Next, I decide to hatch a female Twilight norn (one of Grendel Man's breeds). I just love the purple fur, especially since purple is one of my favorite colours! This little one needed a bit of help with figuring out what's what, but fortunately she found her way to the vocab bot (forgot its proper name) - somebody has to be literate around here!

Again, after some typical throw-arms-in-the-air responses to the elevator, Amami finally got transported to the lowest level, where she happily munched away at some tubas. But what is that? She's bored out of her mind and does not attempt to seek out toys. She might prove to be a bit of a difficult one.

I'm so mischievous bwaha! 
I went to check back on Arnhard, at first joyful to see him out in the snow again, only to majorly facepalm as I watched him pace back and forth endlessly, stuffing himself with carrots and wanting to do nothing else. I had to help him snap out of it and so I moved him to another level, but there he went pushing the wind chime over and over. Just as I was about to go bonkers, he quickly zapped himself to the tuba level - hmm, lets hope that's the last of his insanity! Perhaps it's a bit lonely around here, time for another norn!

Why not hatch two together this time? But of course, that was a last minute decision so my Ecliptican  Hardman hatched first, then came my Oceanic Magma (both breeds found here). I've got quite a colourful bunch here now! A nice unplanned bonus :3

Hmm I'm a bit worried about Amami at this point, as she has just been sitting in the same level for quite some time now. The others seem to have decided it's their new favourite hangout place too, at least things are a bit more lively now. Annoros and Annon even started kissing though they're both males? Eh, wonder if they're CFE's or just engineered that way? Anyway, I kinda think its cute xD (in a non-perverted way ahem). Arnhard is quite far-off to the left but on the same level, sadly he is not doing so well as he has seemingly forgotten he needs to find food!


Annon: "Eem sleepy, eem no more oogh" (this expression makes all that coaxing worth it)
Amami: *dances* ..(why has she not once expressed anger?)

...Time passes and Annon just won't venture out his little cave - I even dragged him out into the snow only to have him walk straight back. Maybe he'll listen to my suggestion to pull elevator..uh nope, thought not. "Let me pretend to sleep so she'll shut it".
Fortunately though, Amami isn't as lazy as I thought since she's been zapping herself here and there, eating and playing nicely. Woohoo!

Everyone's an adult for some time now and I worry at the absence of kiss-popping. Alright time for match-making! Wow, they really get to it huh? One minute I put them together, the second Amami's pregnant! Naughty little norns.

Arnhard is back to normal and does some travelling!

"Welcome little Bean! ..Don't run away from our loove!"

...To be continued! I'm quite happy with the way things turned out as all norns travelled more than I expected and managed to be pretty self-reliant despite a few dumb moments (like eat elevator). Though I suspect more social norns would find it a bit too vast and it takes forever for norns to find mates on their own. The temperature seems to be fine for these specific breeds so there's quite a few to populate the room with. Aside from the Astro norn, the others seem pretty comfy even when it snows. Hope this style of reporting isn't too boring! There's not a lot going on yet since the norns are relatively isolated most of the time. We'll see if we can liven things up.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back from holiday!

Hiii~! I am back from my little holiday at the beach, now sporting a few burns =_=" I did a quick look over at Creatures Caves, saw that Survivor had started (my first time witnessing a game, yay!), spotted some new posts and even gallery updates. Sad to see that the development section is still relatively dead, and especially my post that's already sitting on the second page heh. Will just keep working on it and see how it goes. Hopefully I will find time to start some of my other projects too so there's more to actually read around here. Oh oh and I want to fidget with the site layout too, I used to make little pixel art sites when I was younger but don't know if that type of thing will be too childish here?

Also, I hope everyone had a good New Year! Lets hope Creatures 4 will be out on time and wont be too disappointing :P I'm excited to see what this year brings us in the Creatures Community!