Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Going away

So I'll be away on holiday for 8 days as of tomorrow. I'll be at the beach :D
Here are some things i plan to post about when i get back:

- Add norns to my new world with Chione room and observe adaption
- Investigate the need for starch problem

Byee for now and enjoy your New Year--

The Nightmare(s) before Christmas

Its like 5am here but Merry Christmas to the Creatures community! I certainly hope everyone will have a better start than I had - I kept having nightmares I couldnt wake up from. I did a somewhat comical thing during the nightmares, singing in my head ''soft kitty, warm kitty'' from the Big Bang Theory to calm myself down. Odd I am.

On a different topic, I wonder should i really have put up a post on the forum about my blog when I  havent even posted much? Got loads of pageviews in general but not many for actual posts and no comments either.I worry too much about what people think x.x I wouldve liked to have gotten a little feedback on my xmas wallpaper too, or just a few thumbs up. Oh well im sure people still liked it right?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Playing around with Chione 1.1

With the release of Chione 1.1 by Grendel Man, I couldn't help but open up DS to play around with the updated world (even though I have tons of other work to do). It now has an additional weather system, teleportation pillars and a water droplet system to add moisture and nutrients.

 Phew, the room is so large I almost missed those clouds! Yay for snow clouds! Wish it snowed more often but that would probably make it too cold.

Here's the teleportation stone that leads back to the meso. It's movable by the hand too and looks pretty neat.
Yep, that's a little droplet that I caught. It's quite ridiculous to spot.

At first I tried to populate the water area with some Biodome fish and err..didn't go so well. I then used the AC shrimp launcher, the zander mites and zander fish - success! This area is just for aesthetics anyway.
Next, I was to add some toys and food sources. I grabbed a few tubas and snotrocks which then happily populated one of the lower levels.
 I went ahead and added some GardenBox patch plants - yeah I know, carrots and mushrooms growing in the snow?! I thought it looked a little weird too, but I need other food sources aside from vendors that need to be pushed by me constantly -_- Oh I also added a few frostbringers because I just love snow that much. Hope they don't make it too cold though.

Next up I will be looking for creatures to populate this room, any suggestions? I don't actually think I have any cold loving breeds downloaded yet, so I'll have to look around. Ones that like to explore would be ideal too, I will simply get annoyed if they sit in one spot while in such a huge room heh.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wallpaper!

Surprise!  Hope everyone has gone and opened the window for the 20th! I noticed an entry hasn't been posted on Creatures Caves yet so if you haven't already got it, get it here. Hope you all enjoy it :> The story behind it is that the norn and a norn egg are being prepared to be gifted for Christmas. However, they seem to be quite confused and are clueless about what exactly is going on!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Darn jellytot...

I almost got defeated by a jellytot...well, I couldn't figure out how to paint one haha -.- Sigh, this metaroom's progress is slow. I wanted to get a bit done before I go on holiday next week tuesday but oh well, haven't had time. Why do I make everything so big? I present thee-- jellytot flower! Ugh it looks more like pixel art than a digital painting but I'm over faffing with it for now.
I haven't even had time to play C3 soo I don't have anything to post :/ I'll just post pretty artworks for now hehe

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making progress

So I've finally finished my little something I decided to contribute to this year's Advent Calender (with yulkyun;s permission of course!) It's a bit rushed than I intended, but I hope everyone will like it. I've been dying to contribute to something really, just hope I don't appear to be an annoying attention seeker or something haha o.o" Anyhoo, I wonder what day it will appear on, it'll be a surprise to me too. I shall post the link to it a day after it appears on the calendar.

I also fiddled with a few things on the blog and added some project pages, now I just have to be committed heh. I really do want to do some experiments but I will have to study the brain system of norns extensively first, which I will get to, just don't know when -_- I currently have quite a lot I want to do in my life and I'll be on holiday for a week starting from the 26 Dec. I reeally need to get a move on with my metaroom sprites, before any potential interest in helping me code it is lost forever *dramatic music*. Hopefully things will look better after New Years when life quiets down a bit. I still feel like a huge noob in this community xD it's my first time joining one really so I still need to learn the ropes *nervous* Guess I'll have to work around my problems like everyone else.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweet Haven Metaroom

So I thought I'd create a blog  to document my current metaroom project and hopefully eventually document some behavioral experiments on norns too.

Anyway, I came up with an idea of a metaroom with candy plants, jelly bears as critters and other fun and sweet things. Here is the post I made at Creatures Caves that explains it in detail: [link].

Unfortunately I don't have any coding skills (or the patience to learn at the moment) so I have been waiting for coders to volunteer but eh, it seems to be a bad time of the year since everyone seems to be busy! In the meantime, I've been in the process of making the images/sprites for the room and its contents.

It was a pain trying to work out just how big I should make the metaroom... So I tried to use an image of norns that was more or less the actual size of those in game, as well as the waterfall I'd drawn, to compare to the size of the room. it's much bigger (2200x1600) than pictured in my concept drawing, and I plan to change the walkway from the 3rd level to a vine connected to two clouds.
 Excuse the stupid white line through the room, one of my layers were being funny >.<

Does it look like day time? Had to increase the brightness a bit there. Took me a while to realize I could actually do that, half-way through painting a new background. Idiot me.

Aand here's the waterfall up close. I've done the animations but uh I dunno if it looks a bit lame? Heh, might revise.
And here are the chocolate bushes, the chocolates as separate sprites of course.